Friday, June 27, 2008

Documentary Film of artist COANA

Documentary Film of artist COANA on air

Date: Saturday 28th June, 2008

Time: 18:00/ 6:00PM GMT8

Chanel: T-天净 (Tian Jing Television)

“Hu Lun Bei er forever poem” a documentary film, shot in Beijing- 798 Art districtin Tianjing city and in the grasslands of Hu Lun beir in Inner Mongolia.

Hu Lun Bei er forever poem is a fusion of painting and poetry. The film gives a vivid story of my social commitment throughout art and stories behind the painting.

It reveals the rhythms heard in African villages, the night sings with the rustic drums and melody of the birds.

The people I met and places, are more of the things that fascinated and inspired me. The subject of the paintings in this documentary film include the child and endless love and care of a mother and others.

A solo exhibition based in this story will be launched soon in Beijing Art district. Hu Lun Bei er forever poem is produced and directed by the Tian Jing Television Station-China.


Beijing, China
COANA modern painter born in Maputo- Mozambique, attends the school of Architecture at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing-China. Started painting with his 7 years old and thought in National Art Museum of Mozambique at the age of 12. Coana has displayed his artworks in several group and solo exhibitions in USA, Finland, Mozambique, South Africa¸ and recently in Beijing 798-China. With outstanding awards in Oil and mural paintings and poetry writing competitions since his 14 years old. His work is represented National Art Museum collection in Mozambique, and in private and public Collections in Italy, Germany, USA, Japan, Mozambique, China, England, Netherlands, India, Singapore, South Africa, New Guinea Papua, France, Portugal, and Brazil.

"Around the countryside 农村里" 60X40cm oil on canvas

"Around the countryside 农村里" 60X40cm oil on canvas
The Yellow sky represents the golden sunset, the blue represents a new day with endless challenges, the purple represents the mystery and purpose.
In the middle of this painting we can see a woman with a baby in her backside.

The artist, Beijing 2007

"From mother to a baby" “母亲对骇子" 120X80cm Oil and Acrylico on Canvas 2008

"From mother to a baby" “母亲对骇子" 120X80cm Oil and Acrylico on Canvas 2008

"The kiss 接吻" Oil on Canvas, 100X73cm 2008

"The kiss 接吻" Oil on Canvas, 100X73cm 2008

"Tears of Innocence 清白的眼泪" oil on canvas 80 X90cm 2007.

"Tears of Innocence 清白的眼泪" oil on canvas 80 X90cm 2007.


“Coana made a bridge between different Cultures”

J. from China

“Your art works bring me great vivid impression on African culture and arts”

R. from China

“Amazing! I see multiple pictures in one painting, and it gives me mixed feelings”

C.J . from Micronesia

“One sees tears & cruelty of reality & one see colors & beauty.

A better day will come one day. Thanks for these works of peace and love to the children.”

E. from China (EHE volunteers association)

“Rhythmic and harmonious use of colors and lines those compliment the underlying poetic message of the works”

Unknow, from Korea

“I see an Africa full of life, Love and myth”

B. from The Netherlands

“Vibrant colors showing that Africa is alive”

L. from England

“Coana presents us an amazing world of the colored Africa, We learn from him and we thank him for sharing with us his treasure.

W. Z. from China

“Coana is artist and extraordinary citizen of this world, I feel big admiration for a young boy that was able to create nine groups of Actions toward Peace in Africa. I also had the opportunity to carry his artworks in “New York Art Exhibition” in United States and the public showed so much interest in his quality, his work was completely sold”


World special representative

Friends of the United Nations

Miami, FL